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Astrella Football Academy

Jody Rivers, “believe – strive – achieve”

These are the words Jody has chosen to go on his new football academies logo and they could not be more fitting.

I have come to know Jody quite well over the last few years, initially via social media then telephone conversations and finally getting to meet by chance at Wembley stadium of all places on a sunny day versus Chelsea, luckily Jody had his dad to keep him in check lol, it was an absolute pleasure to meet them both especially at such a venue.

Mr Rivers – Junior & Senior

Jody first grabbed my attention with his inspirational coaching philosophies and attitude to coaching in general, he was just so honest and very heart on sleeve which I found so refreshing, this was with the successful Matt Le Tissier school of natural coaching where Jody was working alongside Matt as well as Franny Benali both of whom Jody has immense respect for and on many occasions has spoken of the effect and help to his career Matt has been. One of Jody’s greatest days was taking to the pitch and playing alongside Matt at St Marys.

Two of the south coasts finest

Jody has an attitude to coaching which carries through to his family life also, he is immensely proud and supportive of his family and children and heaps praise on them for all their achievements which is great to see and shows his mindset is honest and genuine, his work is his life along with his family and this is shown in the comments he receives from academy participants & their families who have so much respect for the way Jody has that natural ability to asses what each child needs and to work with them so as to allow the full potential to shine through, not only as a football player but as a person in their own right.

A picture says a thousand words
The Rivers

The mutual respect & friendship between Jody and Matt is plain for all to see and some of Jody’s favourite memories have been organised by his mate including meeting one of his coaching idols Pep Guardiola, Matt was even forced to play a round of golf to organise this surprise, he got through it though haha.

Matt, Jody & Pep

Jody time permitting will travel the world to enhance his knowledge and coaching abilities, he had a informative and enjoyable trip as a guest of Athletic Bilbao football club which Matt arranged due to his close links with the club. Jody not only works hard on these trips but his personal blogs and YouTube channel allow us all to enjoy the experience as well as gaining an insight into the thoughts of Jody regarding the different approaches to coaching in different places around the world.

Athletic Jody

Jody now has a new chapter to his successful coaching career which includes being appointed as first team coach with Dorchester Town FC and starting his new Astrella Football Academy.

Jody hits the press

Local travel company Angela Coaches are supporting Jody with his new academy and have given us a few words to explain why they are so happy to be involved.

Sean Brewer, Marketing Manager at Angela Coaches, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to help Jody and the team with the launch of Astrella, we’ve spoken to Jody many times and have been hugely impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve with the academy, and we believe he has the skills and the determination to make it a real success.

Initially we are helping with the promotion of Astrella via social media, and we’ve offered to help with design and marketing going forward. We will also look to assist with company sponsorship once the academy trials commence in the summer, and have offered our services with regards to transportation.

We’re a family-owned company, and our Managing Director Robert is the grandson of Angela Coaches’ founder, John Pressley. We believe it is important to support the local community, and as we’ve had ties with football throughout our history (we provided the transport for Saints F.A.Cup win at Wembley in 1976) the opportunity to work with Jody was one we did not want to pass up.

It is exciting to be involved with people who are genuinely dedicated to helping local children reach their full potential via the academy, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Astrella!”

Some of the fleet – Coaches & Coaching

I’d like to thank Sean & Robert for taking the time to contribute to this feature as I know how busy everyone is at Angela Coaches, I even get a wave from their drivers now if they are passing through my part of Normandy which is fantastic.

Jody has found time to add a few words too which is amazing considering how busy he must be.

Jody says;

“Sean and Robert whole heartedly share our values, morals and standards we want to install into our Academy players, and I think that stood out for them above the Football coaching.

Astrella Academy of Football is about top quality coaching, taken from different world class philosophies from around the globe that will see players not only improve as a footballer through attention to detail sessions but more importantly give them the opportunity to enhance their life and social skills meaning they can aspire to be whatever they want to be.

We are delighted that Angela Coaches are supporting us at Astrella Academy of Football.It’s really exciting times ahead and to have Angela Coaches on our journey, side by side, is going to be fantastic”

Jody Rivers
Managing Director of Coaching
Jody Rivers Coaching Ltd

I hope this feature has given you an insight into the way Jody thinks and works, it only leaves me to wish Jody every success he deserves as the new season approaches as well as to wish the same to Robert & Sean of Angela coaches.


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