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As an almost totally blind fan, I can honestly say that these past 2 seasons have been the worst in my Saints memory of attending matches for almost 40 years. The Radio Solent commentary has become uninteresting as the standard of football has diminished quickly. The commentators often make comments about previous decisions and don’t keep up with the game. It has become so bad that I’ve finally decided to go for Audio Description because at least I will get a better perspective of the match I’m at. 


We cannot say that Saints haven’t got talent as they have got plenty but as things are it’s not looking good? Although we create chances we must be one of the poorest sides in the Premier League in converting them and between the back room staff and the Team they surely must see what we as fans do.


We need to shore up our defence as Alex is a fine keeper and Jack, Maya and Jan Bednarek would fit well at the back.  Stuart Armstrong would be an ideal fit in midfield but up front is our problem, Gabby needs someone with pace and shooting ability.


Fair enough January is around the corner and maybe we could bring in new players but we have to deal with the problem now because after Christmas it could be too late, perhaps it’s time to bring Marcus Barnes into the first team and grind out some results before the end of the year?


I love being at Saints games with my son Dan as you can’t beat the atmosphere but a lot of our fans have become despondent which fair enough you can’t blame them when the standards have dropped. The commentary has become almost unbearable so please Saints let’s try and get back to the standard of football the crowds deserve and not go back to the days when we were just about hanging on. 


Sadly our Club has always been a selling Club and although as fans we’ve been told otherwise that we’re not, the truth is that we sell too much talent and this just cannot keep happening. It does eventually catch up and unfortunately it has now, let’s stop the rot while there’s still a chance.



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