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Exclusive: the Being a Saint book descends from its heavenly perch

“In His right hand he held a star wearing seven, and coming out of his mouth was a sharp, double-edged sword that did pierce between the defensive lines. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance from the eastern edge of the New Forest, to some terrifying dystopic purgatory on the M27. And His immortal right foot was the word of Le God.”

Being a Saint is far easier than you might think. The ever-entertaing Glenn Jones (@mrglennjones) writes his intro to a book by Richard Walters on the highs, lows and inbetweens of being a Saints fan. Check it out as buying this book will ensure preferential treatment come Judgement Day (asta la vista, baby)…


Being a football fan involves so much passion, pleasure and—it must be said—pain.

This book is a selection of one Southampton FC fan’s highlights over more than 50 years. It’s as much about what it’s like to be a proud and passionate Saint, with very human experiences, as it is a history of the football club.

All fans are different and Richard provides a personal tongue-in-cheek tale of the best (and the worse) of the games and eras from 1964 to date.

You will share the old Dell Days, “Give it to Ron”, hooliganism, crazy away japes, European adventures, 1976 and all that, Le Tiss, the Old Enemy (not Bournemouth), those great Rickie and Nigel League One days, more recent times, and a look forward with Richard’s next generation of Saints, in the form of his grandsons, already fully inducted as Saints.

This book is a must for Saints fans who will love the memories and storytelling of 50-plus years’ history of Being a Saint and all that pain, passion and pleasure.

You can buy Being A Saint from Richard’s website:

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