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Meet Yasmin, Saints Voice Panel member and SaintsWorld columnist

Hello Everyone, my name is Yasmin. I am 29 years old and have been a Saints supporter since I could walk. Aside from Southampton FC, I follow all football—worldwide. Don’t take any notice of my hair colour because I actually do know the ‘offside’ rule! 

I am known as being the ‘optimist’ as I can always see the positives in every situation. I use a lot of social media to enhance the reputation of our beloved Saints FC. I’m very open-minded, a good listener and it’s very refreshing to hear other people’s views and opinions. I am very analytical and will always consider the pros and cons of any situation—I am always open to change.

We have had some brilliant times through our football journey since returning to the Premiership, including the Europa league and our EFL Cup Final experience. Obviously, we were in a tight spot last season, but I believe that was a learning curve and we will come back stronger this season.

I very much appreciate your vote for me to become a member of the Saints Voice Panel. I feel very strongly about every facet of our club and I represent all fans whether they are season ticket holders or ones who follow the club from home and certainly any fan who is not confident enough to express their thoughts and feelings themselves. I am your voice and I will always continue to be a voice and spread positivity for Southampton FC and the fans.




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