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Rzar is a UK based clothing company. Founded by myself and my business partner Andy Matthews in early 2018.

A lifelong dream. The conclusion of lots of hard work and patience. Dedicated to providing consumers with top quality fashion. a range of products we ourselves as average fashion conscious blokes & ladies on the street would want to buy!

The question we get asked more often than not is why ‘RZAR? When Jay signed for Southampton FC and the Rodriguez family became regular visitors to the beautiful south coast, it was a surprise to many that we did not come from a far away exotic land! Our northern accents were often met with surprise.

My father Kiko was part of the first generation of Rodriguez’ to be born inEngland but his ancestors originate from Deportivo La Coruna inSpain. It is from here where we got our Spanish surname and in truththe inspiration for Rzar. La Coruna is a beautiful place & many of our relatives still live there.

Deportivo La Coruna is a city where fashion, football and family are everything, where the fans have their own clothing style, an unofficial uniform toattend home games at the focal point of their whole community -Riazor Stadium, thehome of the blues, the mighty Deportivo La Coruna.

Pronounced in our Lancastatrian tones as Rzar! As we watched Jay play there in apre-season friendly, we had our eureka moment. We had our name and our tribute to our roots.

On my return, I worked hard with Andy building the brand.

Incidentally Danny Ings and his company Graffia have been part of our development and we have collaborated on a number of projects. Just one of many links with the Saints. Southampton FC will also be dear to the Rodriguez family.

The whole family keep in touch with life long friends and fans from Southampton.

I have had real support for my new venture from your special club & for that I will be very ever grateful.

As a sign of my gratitude, any Saints fans can use the SAINTS20 code for a 20% discount!  When they visit

My dream is to see a Burnley, Southampton and WBA fan wearing a Rzar topon Match of the Day! We can dream of course.

I hope Southampton FC have a great 2019 and remain in the Premiership where they belong.

Best wishes,


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