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Saints Foundation: A day in the life of Primary Stars

Saints Foundation’s Tim Stevens takes us through a typical workday, explaining the benefits of physical education and its intersection with more traditional subjects, for example maths and English. Cakes, too, get an honourary mention—and rightly so!

On arrival at one of our 14 Primary Stars schools in the city, I go straight to the staff room to greet and catch up with the teachers. As per most school staff rooms, as well as being greeted by my school colleagues, there is also usually a multitude of cakes on offer. From there I head to find the teachers I will be working with that day.

A day within Primary Stars mostly consists of helping teachers develop their confidence in PE. They are supported across a 10-week period in which they start by observing me deliver lessons as well as discuss essential aspects of PE.

Gradually teachers are integrated into delivering small parts of lessons, working up to delivering the whole session, under my supervision. Teachers enjoy the process of essentially team-teaching with myself, and discovering new tips and tricks to improve their delivery of PE.

Aside from discussing how to deliver PE essentials, I also show teachers how they can integrate different subjects to enhance a pupils’ learning experience. We try to incorporate subjects like maths or fair play into the sessions, and this gives pupils a chance to consolidate their learning in a fun and active setting.

I also support pupils in English, Maths or PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economics education), in small groups or one-on-one teaching. On any given day I could be supporting pupils in Year 6 with intricate maths problems, Year 3 with respecting others in PSHE, or with Year 1 with basic reading skills, so there is a huge amount of variety and different challenges each and every day. I set challenges for them with an overall focus, but within that are underlying messages, for example: teamwork, communication and creativity in order for them to be successful.

When the bell goes at 3pm for the end of school I still have an after school club to run. Throughout the year I deliver a diverse range of clubs which can be any sport the school wishes, and engage with almost every demographic of pupil within the school. These clubs give me another chance to impact pupils, whether that’s in terms of their love for sport, embedding important values or further developing their sporting skills.

Although focused on PE, my role as a Premier League Primary Stars Officer does not stop there. We try to impact everyone in the school, at every opportunity, whether they are teachers or pupils. We are always looking to grow their confidence across a number of disciplines so that they enjoy their time at school, and they are able to reach their potential, whatever that may be.

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