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Saints Foundation: A day in the life of project officer Marion

Marion’s Day In The Life

Marion Gealer, Project Officer, Health & Wellbeing

I arrive at 8.30am into the office and I grab myself some porridge and a smoothie – unless it’s chocolate. I always catch up over breakfast with the rest of the team, making sure that everyone is ok and we check-in to organise the day. There are 8 of us in Saints Foundation’s Health and Wellbeing team including 4 apprentices, running four projects and our timetable is pretty hectic.

Every day is different and we are always reshuffling, but that is part of the fun. Once breakfast is over, it’s to the office, catching up on emails and organising our sessions in the community, whether that is getting equipment ready or running through the plans.

Within the department, we run four different projects. So, that means getting out and about and running on average three sessions on any given day.

A typical day’s sessions start off with running a circuit/walking sport session for older adults in the morning. This is aimed at fitter, older adults and as with all of the Generation Gains project, we aim to tackle social isolation and loneliness as well as improving health and reducing risks of falls through fun and entertaining workouts.

The sessions consist of up to 10-15 stations where our participants work in pairs – to keep up the entertainment and support – and two-minute drills on each; ranging from badminton to balance. We like to keep them on their toes!

After this, it’s straight off to another session – eating lunch on the run this is normally a falls prevention session. In partnership with Age UK, we deliver daily two back to back rehabilitation sessions. Falls by older adults account for 20% of the NHS’ total budget, so this session is vital for so many people in the area, both to omprove quality of life and to reduce the burden to the NHS.

In this session, I look to improve their strength and balance.Over the nine months that our participants are generally in the system, we see an incredible improvement – as long as they do their homework!

Once I have done a little bit of paperwork back in the office, grabbed a cup of tea and caught up with my colleagues, it’s back out for an evening session, which I assist on. This is a lifestyle and fitness class called Saints Goal. This 12-week programme focuses on men (mainly our SFC fans) aged 35-65 who who are looking to improve their health through diet and exercise.  This is the most varied session we run, as we do things from group exercise in the concourse, to bridge running and football games.

Working as part of this team is so rewarding. There is no day the same and I love working with the participants; seeing their health improve over time gives me a great sense of pride to be a cog in the Health and Wellbeing machine. There’s never a dull moment within our day!

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