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Saints in India

After all these years of passionately supporting Southampton FC and actively searching for Southampton supporters within the Indian subcontinent. I & Bharath Vishal have decided to change our approach and take everything to the next level. We will be doing this with fellow Saints supporters Srijan Pathak, Josiah Ruolngul, Akshay Haridas, Abhimanyu Karandikar, Devarshi Paul, Tejas Vaidya and many others! We aren’t a big group just 20 odd people who love the red and whites. You must have already seen some of us on the Premier League pages singing OWTS.

The lads in India

We are starting with completely overhauling our social media so that our presence is known. We will now not just have a Facebook page but also Twitter and Instagram page. We want to reach out to every Saints fan in India. Also, if any of Saints fan is visiting India for vacation or for work, and wants to watch a match with us you can contact our pages. Just search “Southampton FC India” on any of the above mentioned platforms and you’ll find our page.

That’s not it! We are also planning to start a podcast where we will be talking about Saints and our experiences as Saints fans. We also want to feature Southampton fans from around the world so we will be needing help from you guys!! We have many more plans to make the podcast a success but right now we are focusing on getting started.

I hope everyone is safe and staying indoors. We March On.

Thank you,

Tanmay Gudhekar

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