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Summer Meltdowns & Some

The season is almost upon us, the first game of the Saints season is a jolly old trip up North to Burnley tomorrow.

What a summer of fun it’s been on social media, some of the tweets I’ve read have been hilariously funny. The meltdown regarding the identity of the new club sponsors LD, only made worse by the fact, despite being the biggest shirt sponsorship deal in the history of Southampton FC their logo is blue, and of course we can’t have anything blue, I cracked up, what would some of fans made of the Dimplex blue away shirts in 80s

 I’ve been in stiches at the raging debates surrounding the delayed kit launch saga and the rumours of containers dropping off of ships mid Atlantic, also the sponsor having no money so they can’t have their blue logo on the shirt which is why the club haven’t launched it yet, all this despite the players wearing fully logoed shirt in every pre-season friendly. Well finally we can put that one to bed apparently as we’re getting the opportunity to buy the shirt from 7pm this evening.

I’m not even going to mention the price of training kit, the arguments that caused was hilarious, for me the answer is if you don’t want to buy training kits because it’s far too expensive don’t buy it, yes I get that parents will be pressurised by their children to buy the kits, but is that really fault of the club? The price is the price take it or leave it.

My social rant over the summer was the price of tickets home fans at these so called A* games, in particular the Liverpool game, the reason these tickets have gone through the non-existent St Mary’s roof is apparently is this will prevent tourist supporters (whatever one of them is) and away fans not from Liverpool from buying tickets in the home end, to be honest, tourist supporters is a term I’d never heard of until this summer, I prefer the word plastic away fans. I find it incredible, someone at the club honestly thought by charging Saints fans astronomical prices to watch a game, it will prevent plastic Liverpool fans buying ticket in the home stands, of course it won’t but heyho who am I to state bleeding obvious.

The Charlie Austin tweets and photos of him dressed in an ill-fitting Liverpool shirt caused some commotion as well, personally I couldn’t care less who he supports, but why oh why have Robert Firmnos name one the back especially when Sadio Mane is the better of the two, but Charlie has gone now, I will come onto that later also the Snapchat of that Toxic Like Leminade bloke

We’ve had the meltdown about season tickets not being sent out, I mean at the time of writing we have only 8 days left to look at them in the box on the mantelpiece before we can use them for visit of the dippers.

Now the biggest meltdown to end all meltdowns was reserved for purchasing of a new centre back, it’s been bloody brilliant reading some of the tweets, there have been so many tweets, so many questions as to why we haven’t bought a centre back, yet we everyone seems to trust the judgement of our manager, who I’m pretty might understand the need or not to buy a new centre back, Of course the managers judgement goes by the wayside in the world Saints fans on Twitter, this brings me on to the Transfer Window which in England shut yesterday.

Saints shipped out 7 players in total, Clasie, Gallagher, Targett, and Austin on permanent moves away whilst Josh Sims, Tyreke Johnson and Harrison Reed went out on loan.

There is still opportunity for some others to go to Europe or elsewhere, namely Guido Carillo and that Toxic like Leminade bloke who thinks he’s above Saints, one can only hope it happens sooner rather than later in his case.

I personally feel a bit for Carillo, he wasn’t given any opportunity under Hughes to play and by the time Ralph Hasenhuttl breezed into Southampton on the Ralph Express Guido’s time at the club virtually over and done with. I’ve already said about enough about that Toxic bloke and really can’t be arsed to say anymore.  

Three players no one expected to be back in the first team squad are Sofiane Boufal, Cedric Soares and Wesley Hoedt, and some/most fans didn’t even want one of those three back in the fold, so the question is why? 

  1. Are they being bought back to be placed in the shop window for the January sales?
  2. Are they here because no one in Europe or elsewhere abroad wants them?
  3. Are they back in the 1st team just to make up the match day squad numbers on the bench?
  4. Are they being seriously being considered as starters for the 1st team at some point?
Sofiane Boufal

The answers are of course as fans we don’t really know why and probably never will, however the words of Ralph Hasenhuttl in an interview with the Daily Echo, may give us an insight as to why they’re still at Saints.

He said, “Sometimes it can help a player to find himself and realise what he has at a club and to have them back gives me more options.  “It’s good they accept the roles and rules they have here.  The success of the person is not as important as the success of the club – that goes for everyone here.”

You can draw from this what you will but I feel answer number 4 is the real reason, like or not, Ralph and his coaching team know those player better than anyone, I reckon each of them must have had a one two one with the boss, where he would’ve made their positions within the club very clear and I believe he’s given them a choice of doing it his way or hit the highway, Whether my feeling is right or wrong remains to be seen, but for now they’re all still the club, available to play so I will cheer them on regardless, well for the 95 minutes they’re on the pitch, and I rant like hell on the Ugly Inside after the game if they don’t perform to my liking.

What about the new signings, little can be said about them really, I watched a bit of the African Cup of Nations over the summer and in particular Moussa Djenepo, I reckon the lad going to need a bit of time the adjust to the Premier League, I have no doubt he has the quality we need, however he does fall over a bit, sometimes is warranted other not so, but he’ll soon learn that English refs won’t fall for it (pun intended) we have to remember he’s young and has learning to do.

Now Che Adams looks the part, he’s come from virtually nowhere to the Premier League, only six years ago he was playing for Oadby Town in the United Counties League, so far he’s proved he can cope with the jump in class, first at Sheffield United where he scored 11 goals in       47 appearances then at Birmingham City where he made 116 appearances scoring 34 times, I really hope we have a new Rickie Lambert on our hands, from virtually nowhere to Saints hero, just imagine if Che followed similar path Rickie did, proving himself in the lower echelons of English before hitting the big time with a bang.

Also joining us permanently is of course Danny Ings, wouldn’t it lovely if he remains fit all season, equally lovely would be him banging in hat trick against the dippers, having not been able to play against them prior to next week, I suppose we can all dream.

Which leave me with the loan signing this morning Kevin Danso from Augsburg FC in Germany, like many others I had to Google him as I’d never heard of him, originally I thought he was defensive midfielder however it appears Wiki got it wrong, as this morning he’s a centre back, apart from that I know very little. Born in Austria, and a product of the Milton Keynes Dons academy, until he left the Dons in 2014 for Germany and the Bundesliga where he has made 46 appearances scoring 3 goals, at nearly 21 years old he appears to fit with the managers vision of signing talented, young hungry players who want to further their careers at Southampton FC.

What will the season hold for Saints is anyone’s guess? For me I’d like a season where I don’t have to worry about relegation for most of it, I’d love to see us mid table, whilst conceding less and scoring more and the players working their socks off for Ralph and more for the fans.

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