Total Saints Podcast is the Ronseal of football Podcast’s – it does exactly what it says on the tin! Its a Podcast which is totally dedicated to Saints. The greatest football team in the world. By far.

I (Ben Stanfield) started it with a good friend of mine, Adam Leitch (Chief Sports Writer, Daily Echo), in the summer of 2017, so that we could chat regularly about the ‘love’ that most encapsulates our lives on a daily/weekly basis – Southampton Football Club (Editor’s note: I should probably confirm, in case they’re reading this at some point, that I love both my children just as much!)

Adam is now venturing into his 17th consecutive season reporting on Saints for the Daily Echo, and I’ve supported/watched Saints for more 30 years myself. Southampton is my city. My home. I’m always proud of that. Ultimately, between us, we’ve got a heck of a lot of experience of the up’s and down’s of being a Saint, which we try to use to our advantage when producing the Pod.

Initially started as a bit of fun (as we weren’t really sure if anyone would listen to it!), our debut season saw us gain over 26,000 listens to our various episodes, across 93 different countries – from New Zealand to Canada and Nepal to Brazil. Something we were both very proud of and are now keen to build upon properly.

We’ve enjoyed the company of male and female Saints fans, spoken with the Club’s official charity (Saints Foundation), been entertained by ex-players/celebrity fans, and had an inspiring young fan on who told us the story of his battle with myeloma – and how Saints (and Saints fans) continue to support him through his daily health challenges.

There is clearly more to the ‘Saints family’ than just what happens on the pitch, and Total Saints Podcast aims to cover all the bases – from Adam’s contact with the board, manager and playing staff, to the stories behind each and every one of us fans.

Our hope is that the Podcast can continue to develop as a platform so that, wherever you are based, you feel part of Saintsworld.