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Hi, my name is Will Dawe – father, husband, army reservist and a saints fan…….and one strand of a hair one game at a time!

Back in January of this year I had the idea of setting up a Saint Supporters group with a difference. I had sourced the drive to work on this project from the dismal results of last season, every loss inspiring me more to share and comment on stuff that made me smile. After every game I would post a moment in our history that we are all proud of -something to cheer us all up. What came next I wasn’t expecting.

I only expected a few hundred maybe, but almost a year later we have a host of former legends within our membership, and plans to approach the club about a replacement for the recently closed SeaCity exhibit. We even had a member ‘meet up’ at the Hamble Club joined by guest speakers Nicky Banger, Dave Puckett, Pedro ‘Pele’ Monteiro & Greg Llewellyn.

But this all hasn’t been my own effort. Leon Burton has contributed a lot to the Saints Archive success with his excellent knowledge of the club and obvious passion and drive to succeed.  This was also backed up by contributions from Gary Smith, Jamie Hall and Aaron Mears.

But the biggest credit should go to the supporters of the greatest football club on the south coast. Without YOU none of this could have happened. The memories, memorabilia and chat. So if you ever see me out and about, at a 1st team game, an under 23 game – popover and say hello – would love to meet anyone who not only likes the archive and its content but also likes a beer and a chinwag!

Up the Saints!

A link to the ‘Archive Group’ can be found at our main website


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